Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09

Located at the heart of İstanbul ‘s business centre on Büyükdere Avenue, Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09 is located on two parcels of land of a total 3600 m2. With an A-Block of 17,860 m2 and a B-Block of 26,200 m2, the total construction area of our project is 44,060 m2.

The 16 storey A-Block contains 101 office units on 10 office floors, 48 housing units on 4 housing floors and 3 shops on 2 commercial floors. Again, on the 16 storey B-Block, there are 253 office units on 13 office floors and 14 shops on 3 commercial floors.

In each block, where office units vary in size between 50 square-metres to 110 square-metres, there are also shopping areas, a common Nefmeydan-plaza, basement floors set up for archives, floors with Foldofffice units and subterranean carpark floors.

Wembley Stadium’s Architect is Now Designing Your Office

HOK, one of Europe’s 5 most prestigious architectural firms, is now in Kağıthane and 4. Levent. Serving in the fields of sustainable environmental planning, design, contracting and consultancy, HOK is a design and consultancy company operating from 23 offices in various countries. Having completed projects all around the globe, HOK serves a clientele principally drawn from large institutions operating in the commercial world, public sector and academic fields.


Under the design-focused project system employed exclusively by Nef, not only the façade and lobby of a building, but a large number of details, ranging from the door-handles to the buttons on the elevators, as well as the Foldoffice units, are meticulously designed by world-renowned designers, just as it’s done in the most developed countries. Several designers, who have already received a large number of awards for their work on previous Nef projects, are now working on the design of Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09.

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At NEF Offices Dörtlevent 09, you can have an office, starting from 3400 TL over 60 months, at an interest rate of just 0.79%. Should you desire more information concerning our advantageous first-stage prices, we are eagerly awaiting you at our sales office.

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Where is Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09?

At the beating heart of Turkey’s business and finance world,

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Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09

Address : Sultanselim Mah. Lalegül Sok. No:10 34400
4.Levent Kağıthane /İstanbul/TURKEY

T : 444 9 633
F : 0212 325 10 41
M :

NEF Sales Office

Address : Büyükdere Cad. İş Kuleleri
Kule-2, Kat:9 34330
4.Levent Istanbul/Turkey

T : 444 9 633
F : 0212 325 10 41
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Based in New York, DrorStudio designs for Alessi, Bentley, Bombay Sapphire, BBB emmebonacina, Capellini and Levi’s. For Nef projects, DrorStudio is also designing the open-air cinema, terrace barbecue area and the carpark at Nef Flats Levent 163.

Sebastien Leon Agneessens

The designer of Coca Cola World, Diesel Denim Gallery and Starbucks salon, Sebastien Leon Agneessens is also the founder of one of New York’s premier design offices. Combining sound with architecture, Sebastien Leon Agneessens is the designer of the karaoke and party room Foldhome units. With his various, different designs, he is breathing new life into Nef.

Ltl Architects

The holder of tens of international design awards, the design and architectural group, Ltl Architects, is designing Nef’s mini basketball court and football field, private studio, fitness room, changing rooms, lobby and corridors.

Apartment Creative Agency

The world-renowned Apartment Creative Agency, creating giant usage areas out of tiny spaces, has announced itself, over time, to the world through their many designs. Apartment Creative Agency is designing the private guest rooms and lobby for the Nef project.

Harry Allen Design

Harry Allen designs for Dom Perignon, Donna Karan, Habitat, IKEA, Sony, Siemens, Swarovski and a large number of various well-known brands. He also advises them on design issues. The recipient of tens of international design awards, Harry Allen is the designer charged with the design of Nef’s Gusto Room and Business Room.

Alper Böler

We find ourselves coming across the endlessly varied designs of Alper Böler, the designer of a large number of products and objects, wherever we go. Especially talked about for his coffee-table entitled “Sema”, designed and sold in Nurus, Alper Böler has been recognised for his design skills with several awards. A large number of the designs used in Nef’s own promotions, carry the signature of Alper Böler. Furthermore, the Playstation Room Foldhome unit is also designed by Alper Böler.